People Are Going Nuts For This New M&S Salted Caramel Spread

Try not to drool on your phone, but if you do, we honestly don't blame you.

One thing’s for sure, M&S know how to good ol’ condiment. From the truffle mayo to the red velvet spread, and now, a boujee salted caramel offering. The folks in the spread department need a raise because they’ve got us hook, line and sinker every single time.

Announcing the new product on Instagram, M&S not only showed us what the creamy goodness looks like spread on a thick slice of bread, but they also gave us tips on how to consume the sweet product, as well as a description of how it tastes.

“Say HELLO to our new favourite spread our Salted Caramel Chocolate Spread flavoured with caramel, sea salt and bourbon vanilla.”

Us: Hellooooooo.


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Created by a product developer named Trudie *hat tip, Trudie*, she shared with M&S 10 ways in which the product should be enjoyed, which I think is only fair we also discuss.

1. On toast or a toasted bagel
2. As a filling for a cake or swiss roll
3. Added to a brownie mix for decadent salted caramel brownies
4. As a cheesecake topping with some caramelised nuts
5. Instead of toffee in a banoffee pie
6. On top of pancakes or waffles with fruit
7. As a decadent doughnut filling
8. Blended into a milkshake with milk and bananas
9. Sandwiched between biscuits with marshmallows and chocolate to make salted caramel SMORES
10. Enjoyed by the spoonful!

Here in STELLAR HQ, number 1o is really speaking to us, ngl. And with thousands of likes and hundreds of comments from eager consumers wanting to get their mitts on this product, we can be sure there will be plenty of folks ready to test tips 1 -10 inclusively.

The spread is now available at M&S stores.


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And speaking of new sweet treats that have us intrigued, Cadbury went away and secretly dropped some giant milk buttons in ORANGE flavour. Yep, you know we’re fond of orange choccy over here, so those who equally love a orange chocolate, keep your eyes peeled.


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