People Are Loving That Rebecca Is Wearing Her Contraceptive Patch On Love Island

Fair play to her.

Rebecca’s arrival to the villa definitely stirred things up a bit, which we needed, really.

We’re all yet to make our minds up about her, in fairness, she’s only been there a wet week. But there are two things that we’re almost certain of. First, there’s no way she is actually 21!? And secondly, we’re pretty certain that Rebecca is wearing a contraceptive patch on the show.

This is basically a standout moment because there’s not a whole lot of contraception talk on the show, let alone being able to physically see their choice of contraception. Other than the BTS talk of condoms readily available, and a quick glance of condoms in their pride of place in The Hideaway.


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Safe to say that the patch opened up a discussion online (of course it did), and people are loving Rebecca for the simple fact that she decided to leave the patch on, while she’s on TV.

Although of course, being the internet, there were a few negative comments floating about too. If it is a contraceptive patch, fair play to the gal for normalising it and not trying to hide her contraceptive choice in the villa. But who knows really, it could be a nicotine patch, a plaster even. Only time will tell!


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