People Cannot Get Over How Tall Karlie Kloss Is In This Snap With Eva Longoria

She's 6'2", in case you didn't know.

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Ask any tall person and they’ll tell you they’re sick to death of people commenting on their height.

But when you place a long-legged supermodel next to a petite five-foot-nothing actress, the difference can be a bit startling to say the least. So it’s no surprise that this photo of 6’2″ Karlie Kloss hanging out with 5’2″ Eva Longoria has caused quite the stir on social media today.

Eva posted the snap – which looks like it was taken backstage at an event – yesterday, in honour of Karlie’s 24th birthday.

“Happy birthday to this badass with the long legs! (Oh I’m talking about @karliekloss because this picture can be confusing) We’re basically twins!!!” Eva wrote to her fellow L’Oreal ambassador.

“Have a blessed day, month, and many years to come!!”

While the photo is new to social media, it seems to be a throwback snap, as Karlie has been celebrating her birthday in Italy rather than her adopted home of New York.


Eva Longoria wasn’t the only one offering up cross-continental birthday greetings, either. Yesterday Karlie settled in for a FaceTime session with her long-time pal Taylor Swift, who appeared to be dialling in live from New York.

Looks like a very happy 24th indeed.