People Don’t Recognise Love Island’s Abigail Without Her Tattoos

She's had quite a few different looks

Love Island newbie Abigail is already causing quite a stir in the villa, merely 24 hours after she arrived.

With fans immediately falling in love with her for bringing a healthy dose of drama to the show, people have begun to research her, and as it turns out, before entering the villa she looked preeeetty different.

As a tattoo artist, Abigail naturally has an impressive ink collection, with much of her body covered in various designs and images. However, she wasn’t always covered like that, as some throwback pictures show.

Someone took the time out to scroll back through the islanders instagram, and have discovered that  Abi is capable of pulling off pretty much any hairstyle. With some snaps show her hair dark and pink, both suiting her in equal measure.

But it’s not just Abigail’s ever-changing hair that people are a fan of, it also seems viewers are enthralled by the chaos Abigail is bringing to the villa upon her entry, with many tweeting that she has saved the series.



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