Perrie Reveals She Was Left ‘Homeless And Crying Every Day’ After Zayn Dumped Her

It was a very tough time for the singer.

Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards

Both Perrie Edwards and Zayn Malik have moved on to pastures new since their engagement came to a messy end in August 2015, Zayn with model Gigi Hadid and Perrie with English actor Luke Pasqualino.

While she’s remained tight-lipped about the split in interviews over the past 14 months, Perrie has been talking widely on the subject of past relationships of late, as part of the promotion for Little Mix’s new single, Shout Out To My Ex. With Little Mix’s official autobiography also hitting shelves in time for Christmas, you can bet there will be a fair few more exposés coming over the next few weeks.

In fact, a just-released clip from the new book gives a pretty bleak run-down of what life was like for Perrie immediately following the split last year. Shortly before the pair broke up, they had signed a lease together on a new house just outside of London, and Perrie had been living in Zayn’s home while the two waited to move in.

perrie edwards zayn malik holiday

“After I split with my partner, out of the blue, I had nowhere to go, which was incredibly stressful. For a while I had no idea what to do,” the singer writes. “I thought about renting but I’ve got dogs and cats, so that was no good. At the time we were promoting Black Magic, and while I was in America, things really hit me and I panicked.”

Fans of Little Mix will remember the 23-year-old breaking down on stage during one live performance, but she says those tears certainly weren’t an isolated incident. “I realised I was homeless. I was crying every day, dreading coming back,” she recalls.

Eventually Perrie’s mum organised for the singer to stay in a guest cottage belonging to Richard Griffiths, one of the founders of Little Mix’s management compan, Modest.

“I told her I was stressed because I didn’t know what I should do about where to live once I got back to England,” Perrie says of her mum’s decision to get in touch with Richard. “She arranged … for me to stay in Richard’s guest cottage for as long as I needed, until I got on my feet again. Thank God for him. I put all my stuff in storage, took my dogs and more or less lived out of a suitcase for a good month and a half.”

Sounds like a very tough time indeed, and no doubt there’s more to come on that front once the autobiography gets its official release.