Phone Dead Again? These Are The 5 Apps That Are Destroying Your Battery

Time to log out of group chats?

girls using phones

It’s the battle of the battery.

You head into work with your smartphone all juiced up from a night of charging but by noon you’re desperately trying to log out of everything and hoping that the remaining 20 percent of power will last you until the end of the day.

So, aside from keeping a spare charger with you literally all of the time, what can you do?

Well you can start by logging out, deleting or limiting your time on the following five apps. According to the AVG’s Android App Performance And Trend Report they’re the absolutely worst when it comes to draining your battery life:

4.Facebook Messenger
5.Google Maps

So basically, the general message is, if you want to keep your battery at 100 percent, leave your group chats, log out of Insta and stop updating your Facebook status.

Yeah, that sounds like no fun. Maybe we’ll just pack that spare charger after all.