Piers Morgan Tried To Humiliate Love Island’s Hayley Live On Air… And It Did Not Work

He really made a show of himself there.

Piers Morgan tried to outsmart Love Island’s Hayley with a maths question and it came back to slap him in the face.

Hayley, who was evicted from the villa on Saturday, has been ridiculed since the beginning of the show for her lack of knowledge about Brexit and geography.

On Good Morning Britain, Piers tried to embarrass Hayley with a maths question and while attempting to show off his superior intellect, made a fool of himself by getting the answer wrong – much to the amusement of the studio.

“What would you say is your intellectual powerhouse?” Piers said to Hayley. The Love island contestant replied “Anything but geography and Brexit.”

The host went on to quiz fellow Islanders Kendall and Charlie about their reasoning for going into the villa, but Piers went off topic as he tried to catch Hayley out.
“Do you know Pythagoras’ theorem?” he asked, which he quickly followed up with the simple question,”What’s your favourite colour?”
As Hayley replied that she didn’t know the Pythagoras’ theorem and that her favourite colour was red, co-host Susanna Reid shot back at Piers, asking him if he in fact knew the answer. And this is where he hilariously fell down. Piers responded, “3.147 is certainly the first four digits…” to which someone in the studio shouted: “That’s Pi.”
Yup, Piers mixed up Pythagoras’ with Pi and he got very embarrassed, very quick.
“You just showed yourself up, Piers Morgan, on national television in an attempt to humiliate these people,” Susanna remarked.

A embarrassed Piers responded with a Love Island reference: “You know what’s happened to me? I’ve been mugged off… I’ve been pied off! I’ve been pied off.”

The reaction on Twitter was understandably hilarious, with many pointing out he didn’t even get Pi right.

Ah, sweet karma.


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