Priya Gopaladas Just Revealed How Much She Earned On Love Island

She let fans in on the secret.


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Ever wonder how much Love Island contestants make during their time on the show and if they actually make a wage at all?

Well, former Love Island contestant Priya Gopaladas has just lifted the lid on it all and well, it looks like the contestants actually get a nice bit of money for appearing on the show, even if they don’t bag that sweet end prize of £50,000.

Sharing on Instagram that she was going to donate her entire Love Island pay cheque to charity, Priya revealed that she earned £750 for her time on the hit ITV show, which was a total of eight days.

Sharing the news on IG Stories, Priya uploaded a photo of the bank transfer from the Television company with the caption “Love Island pay cheque put to use,” as she donated the money on to NHS Charities Together.

A very kind act, fans took to social to praise Priya but also, shared their shock at the nice wage the Islanders make from being on the show.

Joking, one Twitter user added that they’re not surprised Hugo wanted to stay in as many “friendships” as possible so he could keep his place in the villa and make some nice money.

Apparently, paying the Islanders while they’re on the show is to compensate for things like rent, bills, and all the other bits that’ll be going on while they’re unattached from the outside world.

Previously, reports from The Sun have stated that Islanders receive around £250 a week, but it looks as though this wage has since increased unless other add ons like Priya’s time on Aftersun has been included in this fee.

Priya left Love Island after she got voted off alongside Brett Staniland. The pair have reportedly since gone their separate ways… romantically speaking.


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During her exit interview, Priya added that she thinks she’s going to be leaving Love Island with plenty of friends, but no love.

Speaking about Brett, she said:

“We are going to be friends and I reckon our friendship is going to last a long time. We are so similar and we got on so well. I don’t think there is anything romantic there but I know for certain there will be a friendship.”

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