PSA: Harry Styles Is Now Reading Bedtime Stories

You know, if you're into that.


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Have you ever been tossing and turning in bed, not being able to get a wink of sleep and just wished you had Harry Styles on standby to read you a story? Yep, we know how you feel. Well now, you can basically get just that.

Harry Styles fans everywhere are basically losing their heads, because you can now have the man himself reading you a soothing, relaxing story just before drifting off. Harry has teamed up with the meditation app Calm to narrate sleepy stories.

Calm tweeted the exciting news, writing: “Wednesday. #DreamWithHarry,” alongside a video of the Watermelon Sugar singer speaking with his oh so lovely voice, “Hello. I’m Harry Styles.” Cue, the internet blowing up.

Of course, Harry’s not the first famous face to lend his voice to bedtime stories, with Matthew McConaughey and Kelly Rowland also lending their voices to Calm. Then we had Tom Hardy with his rendition of bedtime stories too. So look, if all it takes is celebrities with lovely voices soothing us into a lull, we’ll take it.

Harry’s stories will be available from tomorrow, and I can almost hear his fans frantically downloading Calm as I type.


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