PSA: You Can Now Stream Joe Exotic’s Wedding Online

This is the content we all truly deserve

On the growing list of things we never expected to be doing in 2020, we can now add streaming Joe Exotic, a mullet rocking, tiger breeding, redneck, to that list.

But tbh, the more content the better.

We got a tiny taste of Joe’s rather unusual three-way wedding, in the Tiger King series, but that 50 second clip was clearly not enough for viewers, and demands for the full ceremony to be made available online were met.

The full 23-minute ceremony shows the three-way union between Joe, John, and Travis. Joe’s first two husbands.

In the video, officiant made a comment about the wedding being “very unusual” and she’s absolutely not wrong.

As we see the do the standard exchanging of rings, lighting of candles and first kisses, the newlyweds and their guests head off to the reception, where things are no less than what we expected.

There are tigers on tables, monkeys in tutus, they smash cake into one another’s face, and all the while the boys are wearing hot pink shirts, quite something indeed.

Unfortunately, as those who watched the documentary know their love story didn’t exactly have a fairytale ending. With John eventually marrying and having a child with a woman, Joe remarrying a man named Dillion, who he is still with today, long-distance, and Travis tragically shot himself in 2017.

The video is still however proving to be highly popular with fans, as it’s raked up well over 200,000 views.

You can check out the full video below.




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