Queer Eye’s Tan France And Husband Rob Have Welcomed A Baby Boy!

There's a new addition to the Fab Five family!


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In amazing news on this Tuesday morning, Tan France and his husband Rob have officially welcomed their son to the world!

Sharing the news on Instagram, Tan wrote: “Give our son a warm welcome. Ismail France, born July 10th.

“He came 7 weeks early, so he’s been in the NICU for the past 3 weeks. But, today, we finally got to bring him home. We love him so, so much. Like, fully obsessed.

“Our Surrogate is doing so great, post labour, and we couldn’t be more grateful for the greatest gift in our lives. 🥰”

Tan shared with his Instagram followers back in April that he and Rob had begun their surrogate journey, sharing that it’s something they’ve both wanted for so long, before adding that, “Our hearts are so full right now. I cannot wait to hold this baby, and to show him so much love.”


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A post shared by T A N . F R A N C E (@tanfrance)

If you’re missing Tan on your screens and wondering when you’ll next see the Fab Five together, the good news is we won’t be waiting too long.

Karamo recently appeared on The Rachel Ray Show and revealed how they all found out filming was being stopped and confirmed that they’ve gotten the go-ahead to continue with the new season.

“Literally, we shot episode 1, and then as we were walking out, the person was all happy, tears of joy, we were spinning out and excited. They literally were like, “Get into a bus! There’s a pandemic going on, we have to protect the Fab Five!” he shared. “It was the scariest, weirdest movie moment. And then we didn’t go back, obviously. The world shut down.”

Continuing, Karamo revealed the info that we’re all here for: “The thing is, our show is all about connection, that love. And so we just really are making sure that we’re gonna do it safe. So we’ve just gotten the green light that we are able to go back because now there’s COVID safety protocols that are in place. And so we’re going back probably in the next month.”

We’re hoping that the new season will land on Netflix around autumn, so watch this space.