Rachel Zegler Defends Taylor Swift From Derogatory Podcast Comments

"We're sick and tired!"

Image via Instagram, @rachelzegler

Rachel Zegler has had enough.

The West Side Story star came to Taylor Swift’s defence over a viral video on X (formerly known as Twitter), in which podcaster Dan Katz made unwarranted sexual comments regarding Taylor Swift’s relationship with Travis Kelce.

On his podcast Pardon My Take, Dan (who goes by Big Cat) and his co-host Eric Sollenberger (who goes by PFT Commenter) discuss the legitimacy of Taylor and Travis’ connection.


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Dan says he won’t “buy it”, unless he sees a sex tape of the two, then goes on to describe in detail what he’d like to see from the two in order to ‘prove’ their romance.

Fans were shocked by the inappropriate nature of the comments, and Rachel Zegler was among them.


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In a quote tweet, Rachel wrote, “it’s not news that the media is particularly (and unwarrantedly) cruel to taylor swift but the way men feel entitled to speak about women, their bodies, and their sex lives needs to be seriously evaluated”.

She went on to point out that you would “never see people speaking this way about a man,” adding that “we do not pick apart men’s attitudes and relationships the way we do women’s. and it’s not always just men who speak this way about us. women can and do, too. it sucks.”

Rachel further pleaded with people to “leave taylor swift alone!,” and shared that she is “sick and tired” of women being the butt of the joke.

“it’s never been funny! get a life!”

Hard agree, Rachel. We love to see women in the industry sticking up for one another.

Down with sexist podcasts!