Rebekah Vardy Says The Wagatha Christie Saga Had Her Hospitalised Three Times During Her Pregnancy

She said it was the "one of the worst things I've had to deal with."

We all remember the frenzied few days in October last year when Coleen Rooney accused fellow football WAG Rebekah Vardy of leaking stories about her to the press.

Rebekah, who is married to Leicester City footballer Jamie Vardy, has always denied the charge – and now says that the saga led her to be hospitalised three times while she was pregnant with her newborn daughter Olivia.

In a tearful interview on Loose Women earlier today, Rebekah discussed the impact of Coleen’s accusations, saying the subsequent backlash had a huge effect on her physical and mental health.

“The trolling was the worst part for me,” she told the panel. “I have been trolled before and I do get it all the time but it kind of escalated. This was a whole new level.”

I had people messaging me saying nasty stuff, one in particular, “You fat ugly rat. I genuinely hope you and your baby rot.” I think people just don’t realise when they’re saying stuff how it affects you.

“It’s probably up there with one of the worst things I’ve had to deal with, apart from being abused by my step dad when I was younger,” Rebekah added, referring to the sexual abuse that forced her to leave her family home at 16.

She says she had anxiety attacks so bad that she ended up with kidney stones, and was sent to hospital three times during her pregnancy.

“I felt like I couldn’t go out without people looking at me and questioning, ‘Did she do it? Did she not do it?’ No one would ever say anything to your face and that’s the whole thing with trolling. They won’t say it to your face.”

According to the Daily Mail, Rebekah hired a forensic team to analyse her Instagram account and identify the person who had been using it to leak fake stories about Coleen.

At the time, she placed the blame for the leaks on the “various people” who have had access to her Instagram account over the years.


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