Regina George’s Little Sister From Mean Girls Is Completely Unrecognisable These Days

You would most definitely NOT recognise her.

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Amy Poehler as Regina George’s “cool mom” in Mean Girls is one of the film’s most memorable roles, but there’s another George family member who gave us a laugh too.

Remember Regina’s little sister Kylie, who’s seen diligently learning the moves to Kelis’s Milkshake when Cady and co. show up at the house? Well one internet sleuth has tracked her down, and safe to say she has grown up a lot.

Now 19, Nicole Crimi has given up on the world of acting in favour of another creative career: art. The teen has a Life Sciences degree from McMaster University in Ontario, and she’s currently making a living as an artist.

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 Plus she’s a keen traveller and a TOTAL beaut.

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We reckon Nicole would have been Ms. Norbury’s favourite student if she had studied at North Shore High.


According to BuzzFeed, Nicole “loves” Mean Girls as much as anyone else, and predicts that Kylie would have grown up “like Regina George, but with a whole lot more booty-shaking.” How did she prep for her ten seconds of cinema fame? By watching Beyoncé videos and swotting up on choreography, she explains.

We can’t argue with that.