Remember Smith Jerrod From Sex And The City? This Is What He Looks Like Now

Still a ride

Since spending more time than ever at home over the last few months, so many of us have taken to television shows both old and new to keep us entertained while we stay indoors.

One of those shows we’ve been turning to keep our minds occupied in our time of need is old faithful, Sex And The City.

If you’re familiar with the sitcom (and we imagine you are), you probably remember Smith Jerrod? You know, the super hunky blonde man that Samantha not only gets the ride off but also falls in love with, because he’s a total sweetheart as well as a babe, ring any bells?


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Well, the star was back on screens lately, and he’s ditched the blonde 90s curtain bangs.

Speaking on Australia’s This Morning, Smith, whose real name is Jason Lewis, spoke about the success of the show, and why he thinks that was.

“Any good writing speaks for something we all experience and they did such a good job of doing that while keeping it funny and entertaining and sensational,” he said.

Going on to speak about that very memorable scene where he has to get entirely naked on stage during a play, Jerrod says that it was an interesting clip to film.

“Oh, I remember that! It was a lot of takes and a lot of people. It was a good lesson in getting used to your natural state.”

Conversation also moves onto the equally as memorable scene where Smith shaves his head alongside Samantha as she comes to terms with her cancer diagnosis and treatment. Jerrod says that the scene felt just as powerful in real life as it came across on camera.

“That was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had filming…it was a very meaningful storyline, especially because one of our producers had suffered as well.”

“They included in their entertainment something that was a little more decent than just sex.


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If you were wondering what Jerrod is up to now, well, he recently just got engaged to his girlfriend, after proposing last December, and devotes most of his time to the charity ‘Best Buddies’ which helps young children with special needs.



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