Retro Flame Shares First Images Of Her NYC Apartment And Just LOOK At That View

The influencer moved to an apartment twice the size of her old one during the week.


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It’s onwards and upwards and certainly bigger and better for Erika Fox also known as Retro Flame. The influencer and blogger who has been living in New York City for the past seven years has confirmed that she has moved again, this time to her dream apartment.

Explaining that this apartment is the type of apartment she has manifested living in since the day she touched down in NYC, Erika revealed that her and Tommy agreed that it was a “now or never” style situation when it came to moving into their new sky-high pad. Adding that down the line a move like this, especially if they’ve children just might not be feasible.

Formerly living in the Financial District of NYC, Erika and Tommy have moved back to the Upper East Side, noting that although all the events and gatherings tend to be in Downtown, the pair love the Upper East Side so much that they just felt it was right to move back.

Now living in an apartment that has vast views of the New York skyline, Erika noted that she’s only a short walk away from Central Park and that she couldn’t be happier to settle into the new place and most importantly, decorate the incredible selection of windows.

Erika also noted that her sister Kaelin Fox is also moving apartment too so that the pair are once again, right next to each other.

Up until recently the sisters lived next door to each other with their partners but now, they’re all moving to the Upper East Side and this time, they’ll be no more than five blocks apart.

Joking while admitting that they had to move at the same time, Erika noted that she’s never too far from Kaelin and vice versa.

Taking to Instagram to share her news, sister Kaelin also shared a sneak peek of her apartment, writing:

“Say hello to our new home! More than ready for this change & I’m so excited for a new chapter.”

Can we also take a moment for the cutest little puppy?


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We cannot wait to see all the content and exciting NYC updates that come from these two! Bring it on!