Reunited?! Taylor And Calvin Are Apparently Texting Again

Seems there's no more bad blood between these two.

Taylor and Calvin

It may be only a few short months since Calvin and Taylor’s split in June this year, but it seems the pair have already reconciled their differences.

Why so? Well word on the grapevine has it that they’ve been exchanging text messages.

So what’s going on? Are they hooking up again post Taylor’s split from Tom Hiddleston earlier this month?

Sadly no. Sources tell TMZ that they’re both firmly in the friend zone, and while it’s unclear who sent the first text, they’ve definitely been exchanging messages back and forth.

The sources also clarify that Tay and Calvin haven’t met up or spoken on the phone and they definitely aren’t rekindling their romance but are working at being friends again.

Things turned nasty after Tay and Calvin’s breakup when Taylor swiftly (ahem!) moved on with Tom Hiddleston and the pair fell out about her input into Calvin’s track This Is What You Came For.

Now that Tay and Calvin seemed to have buried the hatchet though, we really hope they can make it as pals.


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