Ricky Gervais Cast A Fan From TikTok In S3 Of After Life

You'll definitely have seen his videos too.


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If you’ve already binged your way through season three of After Life (I have, and I’m still not for the better after it), you may have noticed a familiar face from TikTok in the show.

During the scene where Kath decided to try laughing yoga, you’ll have spotted Cole Anderson James playing the role of the yoga instructor. At the time, I immediately recognised him – but it didn’t hit me exactly where I knew Cole from.

But of course, I’ve stumbled across his videos again and again.

Cole found his way into TikTok fame by lipsyncing to Ricky Gervais as David Brent in hit sitcom The Office. Because of his flawless portrayal, fans began to tag Ricky in James’ videos, and this eventually led him to be cast in the show.


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A post shared by Cole (@coleanderson.j)

After catching Ricky’s eye with his impersonations, Ricky then retweeted one of James’ videos, leading to actor Emily Atack casting him in her series ‘The Emily Atack Show’, something James said made filming with Ricky Gervais slightly easier.

“I’m so grateful to Emily because she knew I hadn’t had any acting experience but wanted me to audition for the role as her boyfriend,” he told LadBible.

“That experience meant I was a bit less nervous filming for Afterlife and talking to Ricky between takes.”

If you haven’t binged your way through After Life just yet, this is your sign to do exactly that.