Rosanna Davison Shares ‘Mixed Emotions’ About Lockdown Easing As New Mom

'I took the chance to really relax properly for the first time in years!'


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Having welcomed her little girl Sophia into the world last November, influencer, nutritionist and author, Rosanna Davison was one of many new moms who had to navigate lockdown while caring for a baby.

A scary and uncertain time for everyone, Rosanna has shared some of her “tough” lockdown moments as a first-time mother, and how she really feels about the slow return to a new normal.

“It was tough for my husband Wes and I not to be able to see our parents and they really missed seeing Sophia for those few months, but we spoke on FaceTime daily and that definitely helped.

“I was worried that Sophia wouldn’t recognise my parents when she eventually saw them again,” Rosanna told STELLAR.


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And it’s not just her parents that she’s found it hard not to see, Rosanna’s grandmother recently turned 94-years-old and has been cocooning since restrictions and guidelines fell into place. Having only met her daughter Sophia once, Rosanna is excited of the pair to reunite.

“I’m most excited about visiting her now that the nationwide travel restrictions have been lifted. We’ll still have to be very careful of course and there won’t be any hugging, so I hope that the weather will improve this month so we can sit out in her garden with her.”

However, like many, the “Eat Yourself Beautiful” author has mixed emotions and fears about moving on too soon. “I don’t really feel ready to return to ‘normal’ and still don’t feel that comfortable at the idea of going to pubs or restaurants, although I always wear a mask when out and about to protect others,” explained Rosanna.

“We all still need to be careful to avoid the dreaded second wave. However, it’s brilliant to see businesses all over the country reopening now after what’s been such a tough, anxious time for everybody and it’s more important now than ever to support our local small businesses.

Explaining that she’s enjoyed the new “slower pace of life”, Rosanna can’t imagine going back to being as hectic as she once was, and has seriously enjoyed spending time with her family.

“I took the chance to really relax properly for the first time in years and catch up on sleep now that Sophia sleeps through the night,” Rosanna added.


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And when it comes to moving out and about again, Rosanna is making sure her handbag is well stocked with all her essentials, giving us the rundown on what she never leaves the house without.  

“I always carry a clean face mask, hand sanitiser, phone, keys, mini hairbrush, lipstick, wallet, sunglasses, disinfectant wipes and I’ve been popping in a sachet or two of Altrient C to remind myself to take liposomal vitamin C everyday to support my immune system and skin health.”

For now however, Rosanna is happy to continue spending time at home with her family until she feels comfortable to venture out more. Heading to brunch over the weekend for the first time in months, Rosanna is taking things slowly and like many, staying local and supporting nearby independent businesses.

With restrictions on international travel expected to be extended until July 20, Rosanna is planning to head “down to Wexford for weekends over the summer” but isn’t making too many plans for the time being.

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