Rosie Connolly Had A ‘Terrifying’ Experience On A Flight Caught In Storm Ali

Several flights were unable to land in Dublin Airport today due to the high winds.

Nobody was quite expecting the extent to which Storm Ali has battered Ireland today.

The second day of the Ploughing Championships was called off, there are power outages across the country, and a number of flights to and from Dublin Airport have been delayed or cancelled.

Several flights made failed attempts to land at the airport, one of which was caught on camera (those who aren’t fond of flying may want to look away):

Stuck on a Ryanair flight from London was influencer Rosie Connolly, who was on her way back from Fashion Week – she described the experience as “the most terrifying flight of my life”. She and the rest of the passengers are now waiting on the runway at Liverpool Airport for the storm to pass.

Writing on her Instagram Story, she said:

Terrified, screaming passengers, everyone throwing up… never experienced anything like it. We are now in Liverpool but unable to leave the plane due to the airport being full.

We can only imagine. Glad to hear everyone is safe and well regardless.


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