Roz Purcell Shares Excitement To Spend First Christmas At Home In 9 Years

The No Fuss Vegan author has spent the past couple of months at home in Tipperary.

Roz Purcell has gone back to her roots, swapping the city smoke for country living and she’s absolutely loving it. Having moved back to Tipperary while work was being carried out on her place with boyfriend Zach Desmond in Dublin.

But then, due to lockdown restrictions and delays with her home renovations, Roz ended up spending longer than expected at home, explaining that she’s loving being back.


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Sharing photos with friends and family, Roz admitted that she’s enjoying the new slower pace of life, and although she’s confessed to missing her Dublin swims, she’s enjoying getting to do all the hikes and trails that Tipperary has to offer, even within her 5k radius.

Taking to her Instagram Stories, Roz held a Q&A answering questions from her followers about her plans for the rest of the year. Always someone who is on the go, fans asked Roz if she had plans to travel this Christmas like usual, however, Roz admitted that she’s staying put until it’s safe to do so.

“No, I’ll be staying put from all travelling until it’s OK to do it again. Kind of looking forward to it, it’s my first Xmas home in 9 years!” Roz explained.

And while the foodie is excited to get exploring again, recently sharing throwback snaps to her times in Paris and Japan last year, Roz revealed she has no problem with waiting, and has been supporting as many local Tipp cafes and shops as she can while at home.


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While also on her Q&A, Roz answered questions about Zach, speaking about her relationship with him, future plans to hopefully have children and how her most romantic and memorable date was with him, when he brought her to a Rihanna concert on their third date together – cute!

You can read all those questions on her Q&A now, @rozannapurcell.


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