Rumour Has It Sam Thompson And Zara McDermott Are Rekindling Their Romance

A friend has spilled the beans


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It’s the celeb drama that just keeps on giving, the entertaining chaos we truly needed to survive the end of 2020. Just days ago Sam admitted on reality show Made In Chelsea that he and Zara were completely over.

Well, it seems that maybe Sam was telling a little fib, or rather some things have changed between now and then, as it’s now being reported that the two are making an attempt to rekindle their romance.

Over the weekend a friend accidentally posted a picture of the two enjoying lunch together, which they soon deleted after it began to gain traction. Speaking with an inside source, The Sun also went on to confirm the romance rumors saying:

“Zara and Sam had gone out for a Sunday roast with a small group of pals ahead of the looming lockdown.”

“They were all having such a nice time that one got carried away and uploaded a post with Sam and Zara in it, forgetting that they’re not officially together,”

“The friend soon realised their mistake and deleted the post before it drew too much attention. The word amongst their inner circle is they’re back together, but to the public it’s a different story.”

Big yikes.


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Zara and Sam’s relationship woes have been played out on screen on the reality tv show Made In Chelsea. Recently viewers saw Sam find out about Zara’s infidelity at the beginning of their relationship, causing Sam to put an end to the relationship. Since then Zara has been making her best attempt to win Sam back, sharing multiple pictures, videos, and public apologies on her social media.

And it may just be working, as further than the above information, as eagle-eyed fans have also spotted the two working out together in the same gym with the same personal trainer.

Our online editor Denise has also done a little investigating of her own and can confirm that although Sam doesn’t interact with Zara online, the two do still follow each other, which is a good indication in celeb land that they may just be getting back together at some point down the line.

Only time will tell, we suppose.