Sam Thompson Opens Up About His ADHD Diagnosis

"Knowing I have it has made me a better person"


Fans are plenty used to see the funny side of Sam Thompson, but his next project is set to be a big departure with his upcoming documentary Sam Thompson: Is This ADHD?

The reality star will be bravely showing the world his journey to getting diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. But before it is released, Sam is getting very honest with fans about his diagnoses.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, the Londoner confessed he was “really emotional” with relief after finding out about his condition.

“I didn’t think I would be bothered, and after six hours of therapy she told me I had ADHD.”

“I just wept, I got really emotional. So yeah it was definitely a relief,” he explained.


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Revealing what inspired him to speak with professionals, the Made In Chelsea star admitted his desire to start a family was a big motivation.

While he and girlfriend Zara McDermott don’t have immediate plans to have children, it is something they see in the future, and Sam felt it was important he was self-aware before he becomes a dad.

Saying: “I think just knowing I have it has made me a better person, more self-aware.”

“I want to be a dad, I’m not saying now but at some point I want to know I can look after someone. I want to be the person they look up to and feel safe with and I can provide for.”


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Sam also discussed how his ADHD impacted his relationship with Zara. In the documentary Zara admitted she struggled with things like covering Sam admin work.

While Sam confessed “really tough” it ultimately made their relationship stronger.

Gushing: “Zara is the best girlfriend in the world really. She is so supportive, I’m very lucky to have her. There’s things we talk about in the documentary that are slightly hard hitting and sometimes I thought oh I didn’t know my ADHD affected you in that way.”

“I will say this, we have always has a pretty good relationship but you can always be better. I want to be the best version of myself for her because I’ve never really had that. We talk more and the more you communicate the better things get.”