Saoirse Ronan Is Up For Playing Constance Markievicz, If Anyone’s Making A Film About Her

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Sinéad Burke and Saoirse Ronan. Picture: Andres Poveda

Saoirse Ronan’s latest film sees her stepping into the shoes of fierce Scottish queen Mary Stuart – and it seems to have given her a taste for playing legendary female leaders.

Team STELLAR sat in on a conversation between Saoirse and academic Sinéad Burke in Google HQ earlier today, in which the three-time Oscar nominee spilled about acting opposite Margot Robbie in her new film Mary Queen of Scots, her favourite TV shows, and the characters she’d love to play one day.

One of her dream roles? Irish revolutionary Constance Markievicz.

“I really think they need to make a film about Countess Markievicz. That would be cool, to do something like that,” she told the audience. “Or Queen Meabh. Just someone Irish, so I can use my own accent.”

Andres Poveda

But don’t think for a second that she just wants to stick to dramatic roles – if she could be in the sequel or remake of anything, she’d pick Bridesmaids, starring her absolute fave Kristen Wiig.

“I would pay money to be in the sequel to Bridesmaids. Hands down,” she revealed, saying she’d have to get on to her old co-star from The Clinic, Chris O’Dowd.

Speaking of telly, Saoirse says she wouldn’t mind heading back to the small screen if the show was right:

I’d do a bit of TV if it was the right thing, maybe a limited series. Maybe not right now, as I do really like film and it is different – you’re telling a story in a different way. I just like how it’s a complete little thing that you can immerse yourself in for a couple of hours and then it’s done.

“It would be quite cool to do a True Detective, I think. I love Big Little Lies, and that there are so many really great roles in it,” she added.

Eh, Reese, Nicole et al – there’s your cue. #CastSaoirseInSeason3


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