Saoirse Ronan On Life In Lockdown And How She Feels About Normal People

Of course, Saoirse is also a fan.


Last night was the final show in the current season of The Late Late. Tubridy hd a star-studded line-up for the season finale, including Hollywood actress Saoirse Ronan.

Saoirse wanted to be on the final episode to say thank you to all the hard working people on the front lines battling the Coronavirus outbreak. Specifically she mentioned her Auntie Carmel who works in a care home in Santry, Dublin and her friend Molly in Galway who went from doing her exams straight to the front line; “Its really incredible to see all these students that were in no way prepared for any of this.”

The Irish star went on to say that she is; “incredibly impressed with how the Irish government has handled it.”


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Saoirse, who is currently in lockdown in Scotland said that she would prefer to be at home but that it has been “very reassuring to speak to my Mam and friends and family back at home.”

Speaking about her Mam, who she is very close to, she said it isn’t all to different for her as with work she is often away for long stretches of time; “it helps so much that we’ve got video calling.” She also said her mother has been out helping the elderly community where she lives in Howth; “there’s a real sense of community that people are starting to get back in touch with.”


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When Ryan quizzed her on how she’s staying sane, they got onto the subject of runaway success, Normal People. Of course, Saoirse is also a fan.

The 26 year old revealed that she is so proud to see a show as successful as Normal People on the BBC and “for it to be Irish and be created by Irish people and be written by this amazing young Irish author.” For her, “it was such a proud moment.”


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With so much praise for TV dramas at the moment, Ryan also asked if she would ever ditch the silver screen for TV, “I love telly more than anything else, I’ve grown up watching brilliant TV.” The actress, who has been nominated for four Oscars went on to say that the quality of storytelling and acting now on TV is as good as film and that; “definitely if the right thing came along I would jump on it.”

We would love to see her in the next TV adaptation of Sally Rooney’s work, Conversations With Friends.


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