Saoirse Ronan Says She Knew Paul Mescal Would Be A Star After Denny’s Ad – And Same

A star is born.

Saoirse Ronan says she knew Paul Mescal would make it big in Hollywood after she saw him in a Denny’s sausage commercial – and same, honestly.

Paul is gracing the cover of Harper’s Bazaar this month, but it was Saoirse’s comments on the first time she discovered the Maynooth lad that caught many people’s attention.

According to the Irish actress she first spotted Paul in his 2018 advertisement for Denny’s Irish sausages – you remember the one, he was sitting in the back of a bus with his pals!

She said: “He’ll kill me for mentioning it, but — I’m not actually joking — that was the first time I went, ‘Oh, who’s that guy?’He’s really good.”

Paul, who graduated from the Lir Academy in 2018, revealed in an interview on BBC Radio 4 earlier this year that he had just graduated and hadn’t a cent to his name when he took the Denny’s job.

He said: “If I ever feel like I get too big for my boots, it kind of pops up somewhere that we shouldn’t forget that I was promoting sausages when I got out of drama school.”

Discussing how he landed the gig Paul revealed: “My agent was like, ‘I don’t know how you’ll deal with this, but we’ve got a sausage advert that you can go on.’ I was like, absolutely. I need to pay my rent.”

He noted that he had to eat a mountain of sausages that morning as he felt “rude” just spitting them out.

“They do this thing where they come around with like a bucket that you’re supposed to spit them out into, and that just felt rude to me,” he mentioned. “But I learned my lesson that it’s better to do that than have to eat 15 sausages in a morning.”

We miss Paul in his Denny’s sausage role!