Sarah Jessica Parker Has Shared An Update On AJLT Season 2

S1 spoilers ahead!


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And Just Like That….It’s back!

SJP has sent Sex And The City fans wild as she shared a picture of her script for AJLT season two.

She captioned the picture, “Just this much. For now. X, SJ.” But we want more already Sarah!

Sara Ramirez, who plays Che in the show also shared some BTS goodness posting a snap of the “social media guidelines” for the show. Captioning the post “Shhhh…” they are truly keeping fans waiting.


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The series is a spin-off of the beloved Sex And The City and has brought the characters (minus Samantha Jones, plus a few new faces) into the 21st century. Some loved it, some loathed it, but everyone was talking about it.

There were some major plot points in the first season, we saw the death of Carrie’s true love Mr. Big, painful to watch and many viewers may have dipped after that initial departure. Miranda and Steve are no more as she found love with Che, Carrie’s podcast co-host and has since followed her off to LA according to the ending of last season.

We were also informed that Carrie and Samantha were texting again, although we never actually saw the pair on-screen and we most likely never will if Kim Cattrall has a say.


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So, what’s next for the ladies? What challenges of raising teenagers will arise for Charlotte this season? What or who is coming into Carrie’s life to create a possible new romance or life changing decision [Queue Aidan]? How are Miranda and Che getting on in LA?

We’re sure all of these questions will be answered, and hopefully some twists and turns along the way will bring viewers back every week, there were a lot of twists in season one, we can imagine it won’t be winding down.

For now, we can’t help but wonder… When can we expect it on our screens?


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