Sarah Jessica Parker Working With Love Island Bosses To Release New Dating Show

Not to overact, but I think this could potentially be the best reality TV show like, ever?

She’s conquered Sex In The City, and now, she has her sights set on a new task. Helping more singletons find true love, Sarah Jessica Parker is taking a leaf out of Carrie Bradshaw’s book to continue matchmaking but this time, with a twist.

Instead of sitting down to ponder and write about her findings in a column, SJP is apparently teaming up with ITV America, the bosses behind Love Island to bring a new type of dating show to our TV screens.

Instead of throwing loads of single babes into a villa and hoping they mesh, Sarah Jessica Parker is going to help singles look more into the root of their dating problems to see exactly why they’re unlucky in love.

How exactly you might ask? Well, each episode is set to follow two single people who swap lives with each other for one week. Swapping locations, houses, social lives, friends and family, the show will see if maybe the singles are just looking for their match in the wrong setting and environment.

I mean, I’m already hooked.

According to reports, SJP will be an executive producer on the show alongside production company Pretty Matches Productions which Sarah works closely with.

The show will be titled Swipe Swap, based off the same concept as Wife Swap, giving participants a greater insight into their lives by totally changing it for a short period of time.

With our current reality TV drought and news that Love Island won’t be back until summer 2021, this is the kind of news we like to hear.

Now, although we’ve no idea as to when this show is set to air, we won’t lie, we’re seriously excited for details – more to follow!