Saturday Night Live Took The Piss Out Of Maura Higgins In A Love Island Comedy Sketch

You've made it, Maura love.

Our own Maura Higgins was impersonated on Saturday Night Live, meaning she is officially a global sensation.

The Longford woman attracted many celebrity fans during her stint in the villa, with Lena Dunham and Amy Schumer both declaring themselves Team Maura.

But her role as queen of 2019 was sealed with the Love Island sketch on the latest episode of SNL, which featured a rather familiar brunette Irishwoman…

So the accent isn’t perfect, but she got the ‘I tink’ in at least. And the look is of course spot on:

None of the other characters are as instantly recognisable as actual contestants, but we suspect that these lads are supposed to be Curtis and Anton:

When SNL take the piss out of you, you’re officially famous. Congrats, Maura!