Fans Lose It Over Scott Van Der Sluis And Catherine Agbaje’s Reunion

We're obsessed with these two.

Image via Instagram, @catherine_agbaje

Scott van-der-Sluis and Catherine Agbaje were firm favourites on the last season of Love Island.

Fans couldn’t get enough of their adorable connection, which sadly fell apart when Catherine chose Elom in Casa Amor.


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However, Scott and Catherine made up, and the two left the villa as friends – though some people never gave up on the idea that there may still be the chance for a romance between the two!

Just last night, Scott and Catherine re-united at a bar with another of their friends, and it sent their fans into a frenzy.

Catherine shared a video of Scott on her Instagram story, captioning it, “catch-up”.

Image via Instagram, @Catherine_agbaje

The pair then took to TikTok live to chat to their followers and have a giggle while enjoying their drinks.

On the live video, Scott joked that Catherine pays too much attention to him, and their friend Harry chimed in that Catherine left him for another man.

Catherine then acted shocked at the boys making fun of her, and teased Scott by threatening to “spill” secrets about him on the live.

Of course, fans immediately deducted that the iconic duo were flirting, sending X (formerly known as Twitter) into a frenzy thanks to their chemistry.

Unfortunately, it looks like these two are just besties who were enjoying each other’s company – at least for now.

We can still dream!