Scotty T Tried ‘Flirting’ With Kendall Jenner On Twitter And Made A Total Balls Of It


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Given that she currently graces the coveted cover of Vogue‘s September issue, it’s fair to say that flirting with English Z-list reality stars isn’t exactly top of Kendall Jenner’s priority list right now.

But she’s certainly at the top of a few of their lists, or at least her lookalike is.

Geordie Shore cast member Scotty T took to Twitter this morning to express his love (well, lust) for Kendall, except he made a pretty blatant error in the process.

“Right…… are ridiculously fit @KendallJenner!” he wrote, with the oh-so-charming hashtag #gizalick.

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 12.30.37

That caption alone is cringey enough, but it’s the photo that really had us wanting to pull our skin off with the awkwardness. Why? Well, as you’ve probably noticed, that’s not Kendall, it’s Emily Ratajkowski.

See? Different people ENTIRELY.


Fans were quick to point out the glaring mix-up, though Scotty has yet to respond or remove the tweet.

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Maybe keep the cringey flirting to your DMs next time, Scotty.

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