Selena Gomez Fans Are Not Happy With Hailey Baldwin After Her Latest Instagram Story

The Insta Story is raising eyebrows.

Ah, a celeb feud, it never fails to entertain, yet confuse us. It usually takes a few articles, a whole lot of Tweets and a couple of Instagram Stories to get to the bottom of it. But don’t worry, we’re here to basically spell it out for you. The latest celeb feud? Seemingly, it’s between Selena Gomez and Hailey Baldwin.

After the release of Selena’s latest track Lose You To Love Me, her fans have been claiming that Hailey has ‘threatened to kill’ the star. Jeez. It all kicked of a mere 20 minutes after the song’s release, when Hailey posted a screenshot of a different song, Summer Walker’s I’ll Kill You.

With the release of her new track, a lot (and we mean a lot) of people are claiming it’s about her ex, Justing Bieber. Which makes sense really, especially in the music world. But it’s throwing a whole lot of shade at him.

It’s pretty easy for her fans to assume this song is about Bieber, given it’s basically a break-up anthem. Plus, there’s even a line in it that describes their sitch down to a tee:

 “Dating, getting engaged to, and marrying the model”

Now, Selena can’t really deny that one now, can she? But the real tea was spilt when 20 minutes after the release of the song, Hailey uploaded the below screenshot, with no context whatsoever.

While there’s actually nothing to suggest it’s aimed at Selena herself, the fans are taking it quite seriously. The comments on Hailey’s Instagram have had to be limited, but the die-hard fans have even flocked to Justin Bieber’s Instagram, leaving the song lyrics in the comments.

Selena Gomes has since clapped back with a post of her own, saying that the ‘enemy keeps trying to tear me down,’ and ‘I’m literally just laying down and thanking Jesus’.

The drama of it all. How the other half live, eh?


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