Selling Sunset Stars Share Behind The Scenes Snaps As They Film Season Four

"We’re back and SO happy to be reunited!!!"

What got most of us through that first lockdown last year was lots and lots of TV. Netflix’s Selling Sunset was a particular highlight as we looked to switch off completely and instead lost ourselves in the world of LA real estate.

The reality show follows the Oppenheim Group with their incredibly glamorous team of real estate queens as they sell houses in LA. As to be expected these aren’t your normal three bed semi’s. Half of the allure of the show is watching the bitchy drama between the agents, and the other half is drooling over multi million dollar mansions.

Now the show has started filming for series four and five, and we can’t wait to see what they have in store for us over the next two seasons.


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Stars of the show have also started sharing some behind the scenes snaps as they film, and it’s so good to see the Opppenhium Group back together. Heather shared some pictures to Instagram from their first day back at the office saying; “Me & my GIRLS, back like we never left.”

“It’s been so long since we’ve all been able to be in the office together but we’re back and SO happy to be reunited!!!”

So what can we expect from these new seasons? Well first up, Christine Quinn is pregnant, and still as extra as ever. Only recently she shared that she would be “definitely open to giving birth on screen” so that is a possibility for the next season.


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And from the drama we see on screen, you best believe the same drama happens off screen, with two realtors flying the nest since the show last aired. Brett Oppenheim, one half of the duo who runs the Oppenheim Group left the group to start anew – apparently opening his own brokerage.

While Davina Potratz left the group a couple months ago for a rival brokerage, Douglas Elliman.

And aside from those who left, prepare for more tension in base camp, as it looks like Maya and Christine recently had a falling out. After Christine called Maya the “gossiper” of the group, Maya retaliated in an interview saying she throws her colleagues under the bus for more attention.

Speaking to, Maya said: “Christine obviously gained a lot of interviews and articles because she’s got such a no-nonsense attitude and she’s clearly not scared to say anything, is she?”

“Yeah, she can throw all of us under the bus, but she says things and I think she’s very impulsive, and that’s fine. She wants to ride the success; she wants to get the great PR and that’s fine.”

Roll on season four…


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