Selling Sunset’s Christine Believes She Was Cast As The ‘Villain’ On Netflix Show

Would the show be as good without her though?


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Selling Sunset’s Christine Quinn is slamming the hit Netflix show for its editing and how they’ve made her out to look like the show’s “villain”.

Explaining that there’s so much footage left out of the show that she wished was included, Christine revealed that some days are harder than others and believes that the producers cast her as the bad guy from day one.

“They wanted me to be the villain, but [There’s more to me] than that in real life. I want to be happy with how I’m portrayed – I go in and out of being OK with it. Some days it’s harder than others,” Christine told Cosmopolitan UK.

Explaining that the producers had a job to make a good show and “it is what it is”, Christine continued by saying that they emphasised on specific parts of each agents personality to make the TV show.


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“There’s a lot of footage you don’t see – and there’s a lot of things I wish you’d seen. But at the end of the day, this is a television show – we do want to entertain you,” the real estate agent continued.

And as Christine features in many a blow-out on the show, from her hearted argument with Mary over her second hen ‘do, to her fight with Chrishell in season one over her “sneakiness”, Christine is well aware that although she’s not often reflected in a good light, the show wouldn’t be what it is if it didn’t feature drama.


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“It wouldn’t be entertaining if we were all nice and sweet to each other. That’s not a show worth watching!” Added Christine.

I don’t know about you, but I think the show would be nothing without Christine and her feisty ways.


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