Selling Sunset’s Christine Quinn On How ‘Awkward’ It Was Meeting Her Maternity Leave Replacement

It turns out she wasn't around for long, as Christine returned to work one week after giving birth.


It’s been way too long since Christine Quinn has been on our TV screens, and while we don’t have too much longer to wait, that doesn’t mean she’s been keeping quiet. As Christine is one of, let’s say, the bigger personalities on Selling Sunset, some were worried that she wouldn’t be in season four as much after giving birth to her first child.

But fear not, she’ll be there and she can guarantee the drama. Speaking of drama, Christine revealed to Grazia how she returned to work one week after giving birth, her awkward encounter with her maternity leave replacement, and her real thoughts on Chrishell Stause and Jason Oppenheim’s relationship.

“For me, I really thrive on being busy and I love my work and I love what I do. I had a C section; it was no joke and serious surgery. But the only way I felt better was to be up and walking around and moving,” she explained.

“So actually being at the office and working was making me heal quicker. So that’s why I was excited to get back to work. I don’t know how they’re gonna cut up the episodes or make it look like I took off maternity leave, but I was back after a week.”


“I was going through maternity leave and Jason was worried that I was going to be taking time off. So he found a new associate who came into the office and we have very interesting feelings towards each other.

“It was just awkward,” she continued. “I’m doing my best to be friendly with her. But she was not very nice to me. Everyone else in the office is great, Mary and I still have a little bit of like a tiff. There’s still tension there, unfortunately, I don’t know why. And then Heather and I just seem to have drifted ways a little bit, which makes me sad.”

Christine then went on to say that she’s happy for Jason and Chrishell in their relationship, but not before adding a touch of salt to her comments too (would we expect any less?). “Jason and I are dear friends, so I told him I’m really happy for you.


“I do see a different side to Jason that is warm and loving and sweet. And in the office, you’ll see him holding my baby and he like, wouldn’t get my baby back to me. He has baby fever. I swear.”

She then added, “But yeah, I don’t know Chrishell’s a tough cookie. I mean, honestly, Jason has always had really good taste in women. But things change, I guess.”


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