Selling Sunset’s Jason Oppenheim Just Starred In Gemma Collins’ New Show, Diva Forever

The wildest crossover ever and we're all here for it.

It feels like our brain is melting from all the reality TV we’re watching. but this, in fact, is not our imagination playing games on us and Selling Sunset’s Jason Oppenheim is actually a guest star in Gemma Colllins’ new show Diva Forever.

How amazing is that?

Filmed in 2019, Gemma Collins was shown properties in Los Angeles by the best in the biz, teaming up with her friend and Kardashian BFF Johnathan Cheban to help her on her house hunting mission.

What’s even better is that Gemma’s show even includes some filming in the iconic Oppenheim offices, with Jason briefing her on a million dollar pad before they go to view it.

As expected, Jason and Gemma appear to seriously hit it off on the show, with the pair viewing a swanky property in Hollywood and Gemma deciding that maybe real estate is her calling.

Asking Jason for a job and explaining her car sales background (of course!), Gemma tells Jason that if he hires her she will sell five houses a week. I mean, we’re not sure Christine Quinn would like to see anyone coming for her crown, but we think Gemma would be a fierce addition to the team.

Unfortunately, we don’t know what Jason’s response to Gemma was, but we hope he’s taking some time to think about her application. If we got Gemma on board for season four it could potentially be the greatest show ever made.

Fingers crossed.