Seven Things You Didn’t Know About Jeremy Allen White

We're in love.

Jeremy Allen White is the man of the moment. The American actor is well known for his role as Lip in Shameless, but since the success of FX’s show The Bear  – which Jeremy is the star of – he’s been blowing up on a whole new level.

While we’re seeing him pop up in paparazzi pics and TV clips all over our feed, we realised that we didn’t actually know much about Jeremy behind the scenes – so we did a little digging!

Here’s seven facts you may not have known about rising star Jeremy Allen White.


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1. He’s a Brooklyn baby

Jeremy is a born and bred New Yorker. He was raised in Brooklyn, in the Carroll Gardens neighbourhood. It was originally home to a lot of Irish immigrants (hence the name Carroll) but in recent years has become more associated with the Italian American community. This influence may have helped Jeremy to get into character for his role as Carmy Berzatto in The Bear.

The 32 year old was born on February 17th, making him a Pisces (for those of you who care to know!).

2. He originally auditioned for the role of Ian in Shameless

Before his starring role in The Bear, Jeremy was best known for his iconic character Lip Gallagher in the US adaptation of Shameless. But did you know that he originally auditioned for the role of Ian Gallagher instead? In a 2011 interview with the Los Angeles Times, Jeremy admitted that he “kind of liked Ian a little bit more.

“I thought he was a little more interesting. I felt like I had read Lip; I felt like I already knew who he was. I thought I already had him pegged down. Then I gave it a few more reads and I realised I was being an idiot.” Thank god he came to his senses!


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3. He wanted to be a dancer

Acting wasn’t initially on the cards for the star of The Bear; he was hell bent on being a dancer instead.

As a child, Jeremy trained in tap, jazz and ballet. But he lost interest when he found his middle school dance programme to not be challenging enough. He told GQ, “I didn’t think it was serious enough for me. So obnoxious.” Gas!

4. He has two daughters

Jeremy is a dad! The actor has two little girls with his ex partner and fellow actor Addison Timlin. Their eldest daughter Ezer Billie is five years old, and her little sister Dolores Wild is three.

5. Not all of his tattoos on The Bear are real – but some are!

While character Carmy is covered in ink, Jeremy’s real skin has a little less going on. But he does have at least six known tattoos that are real. These include a hummingbird with his daughter Ezer’s name in it, a triangle on his chest that was gotten with a group of friends when he was 17, and a heart with an arrow through it that says “Buddy & Billie”, allegedly his and Addison’s nicknames for one another. Our hearts!

6. To prepare for The Bear, he trained in real kitchens

When it comes to preparing for a role, Jeremy’s committed to the bit. The New Yorker spent time going method to get ready for his character in The Bear. He worked in a number of kitchens, did a two week cooking course, and even cooked in line on busy nights at the real Michelin star restaurant Pasjoli, in California.

Speaking about the experience to EW, Jeremy said, “I worked in several really wonderful restaurants in Los Angeles, Chicago, and in New York. It was really amazing — I’d never studied a skill that much for any other job…”.

He added that he has “such a tremendous amount of respect for people in restaurants now”.


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7. He knows we’re obsessed with him

Does Jeremy realise that there’s a whole community of fans out there making romantic edits and gushing about him on the internet? Yes! Speaking to GQ, the actor confessed that he gets teased by his The Bear cast mates over his fanbase. “They know me, and they know how embarrassing it is for me.”

He added that he can see why the fans are interested, though, adding: “What I find attractive in people is determination. If you’re truly good at something, that’s incredibly attractive…I understand people having a crush on Carmy. I think I have a bit of a crush on Carmy”.

Forget Carmy, Jeremy – the crush everyone has is on you!