Shade! Anna Kendrick Just Described Taylor Swift In One Sentence And Got It So Damn Right

Yep, we're inclined to agree.

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While it’s unlikely that either Anna Kendrick or Taylor Swift is going to be in close proximity to us any time soon, we already know which one we’d prefer to hang out with if the opportunity arose.

If you follow Anna on Twitter, you’ve no doubt already noticed that she is the epitome of real-girl hilariousness, and we reckon we could definitely spend a happy 24 hours bingeing on Doritos and Netflix in her company:

Taylor, meanwhile, has that slightly intimidating air that reminds us of being back at school and not being one of the cool kids. And apparently it seems that Anna feels the same, at least when it comes to how Taylor interacts with her fans.

Speaking to Net-A-Porter’s The Edit this week, Anna explained how she wasn’t willing to give up her reputation as being “dry and cynical” any time soon, even if it meant getting bad press.

“I could play Madame Bovary and I’d still end up being dry and cynical” she said. “But on a greater scale, I’m lucky that’s [my] reputation; when I’m snarky with people, they know that’s just how I communicate.”

As for how she deals with fans, the Pitch Perfect star said she’s happy to keep things real. Unlike, well, Taylor Swift.
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“I’d be terrible at being like Taylor Swift, the perfect Miss America version of interacting with fans and making sure they have a good experience,” she explained.

“I mean, I don’t want people to meet me and have it f**k up their day, but I’m glad I can say something weird to them and they know that’s just me.”



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