Sharon Horgan’s Daughter Sent Her This Gas ‘Sympathy’ Text About Her Emmys Loss

It's the thought that counts, eh?

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Sharon Horgan was repping Team Ireland in LA at last nights Emmys, but unfortunately it wasn’t her lucky night.

The Irish writer and her Catastrophe co-creator Rob Delaney lost out to Master Of None‘s Aziz Ansari for the Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series award.

Big losers.

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While Sharon no doubt received a fair few messages of sympathy and commiserations from all over the world, it was this adorable text from her daughter that really made us smile.

“Hi mummy, dad just told me that you didn’t win,” it read. “I’m so sad for you and I can’t believe that you got beaten by a TV show about nuns! Master of Nuns what a load of RUBBISH. Love u and miss u.”

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Master of Nuns… what a load of rubbish INDEED.

The actress has two daughters with her husband Jeremy Rainbird, seven-year-old Amer and 12-year-old Sadhbh, with whom she lives in Hackney in London. Sharon didn’t specify which daughter last night’s message was from, but either way we reckon there’s a future in comedy for at least one young member of the family.

Speaking on Jarlath Regan’s podcast An Irishman Abroad recently about her nomination and the prep leading up to awards nights, Sharon admitted it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.

“It’s fun to get the nomination and exciting to think about for a little while and then you start stressing about it and it’s a pain in the hole to have to go over there and do it. I think of it with no pleasure or joy. I can’t bear it. I like getting ready to go out for a drink with my friends.”

A woman after our own hearts.


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