“She Looks Ill”: Fans Concerned For Charlotte Crosby’s Health Following Latest Instagram Pic

She's lost another 8 lbs.

Charlotte Crosby is no stranger to working out, having previously lost over 3 stone and released her own workout DVD. But the star’s latest Instagram pic has fans worried she may have gone too far.

In the photo, the Geordie can be seen posing beside gym equipment, and the caption reads, “Lost 8 lbs ??  so decided to make time for another little workout to keep it up”.

Fans have been writing their concern in the comment section, saying, “She looks ill ?  Don’t see why people can’t just love the skin they’e in. This is not attractive in the slightest.”

Another said, “Your face has changed, you need to put on a few pounds… Take care”, while a third said, “I think you’re amazing but you really don’t need to lose anymore weight. I think it’s brilliant how you’ve lost so much and inspired so many girls. I don’t, however, think you need to be aiming to lose more. Just promote being healthy and staying fit instead”.

Other have been criticising the body-shamers, saying it’s none of their business what weight she is.

“I dunno why everyone is so negative with their comments. The only way to lose weight properly is by diet and fitness and that is what charlotte is doing. All she is doing is encouraging people to eat healthier and exercise – if that’s not a good role model I dunno what is,” one woman wrote.

Considering Charlotte also wrote “BUZZING after today’s results” in her Insta caption, she seems perfectly happy. Surely that’s all that matters?

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