Síle Seoige And Rosanna Davsion’s Powerful Documentary On Miscarriage Will Air This Week

"It’s the first time that a documentary will ever be screened on Irish TV about miscarriage."

Last year Síle Seoige and Rosanna Davison revealed that they were working on a documentary together about miscarriage, and it is now set to air later this week.

The doc, Síle Seoige: Deireadh Tochta, will follow Síle as she speaks to Irish women about their experiences of miscarriage as well as chatting with experts on the subject.

The 41-year-old has shared that she has gone through two miscarriages since the birth of her son Cathal. Speaking with the Irish Independent she revealed that both times left her racked with guilt; “I was thinking, oh sh*t, did I have an extra coffee? Did I do exercise that day and I shouldn’t have?”

“I instantly started to replay all these situations in my head going, what did I do? I must have done something wrong.”


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The hour long doc aims to help women overcome those feelings of guilt as well as tackling the silence and stigma that surrounds the topic of miscarriage.

This is something that Rosanna Davison has been exploring too, ever since she revealed on the Late Late Show last year that she had suffered a devastating 14 miscarriages.

The former Miss World then welcomed her baby girl Sophia into the world via surrogacy in 2019 and gave birth to twin boys in November 2020.

Revealing the trailer to Instagram Síle said; “This was a challenging but important project to work on as I really feel the culture of silence and secrecy surrounding miscarriage needs to end.”

“It helps no-one.”

Rosanna also posted about the upcoming doc to Instagram today, sharing; “Last August, my wonderful friend @sileseoige invited me to be a part of her new documentary exploring the trauma, heartbreak and stigma of miscarriage.”

“It’s the first time that a documentary will ever be screened on Irish TV about miscarriage, and it was such a privilege to be involved and to contribute further to the important discourse around pregnancy loss.”

“The more we can share our stories, the more we can support, enlighten and empower each other, and hopefully those who have experienced it or will do in the future will feel less lost and alone.”

The documentary will air this Wednesday, 7th of April at 9.30pm on TG4.


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