Six Mad Facts You Need To Know About Love Is Blind

There's a group chat...

Just when we thought Love Island was a questionable way to find your other half, Love Is Blind jumped out. If you’re not already hooked on the incredibly addictive Netflix show, allow us to entice you with the premise: A group of guys and a group of girls get to know each other in a series of blind dates over three weeks, when we say blind, we mean BLIND, because, during the dates, the couples chat while sitting in two different pods where they can’t see each other.

The kicker is that if they want to see each other in person, they have to get engaged… Yep!

You’d think that Maybe one, MAYBE two, couples would come out of the show, but no, there’s a lot!

So if you’re rushing home after work to watch it all, or you’re already rewatching waiting for the wedding episodes (due on the 27th), we’re here to fill you up with useless facts about the show, that honestly shocked us here. Genuinely.

It was actually filmed ages ago 

Well, over a year and a half ago, anyway! But that really is a long time to hide whether or not you’re married from the public and from your social media pages! As you know, the final episode to air showed the couples getting ready for their big day, with the beginning Gigi and Damian’s wedding being shown already (but we don’t know it if all goes ahead just yet). They wrapped filming on November 15, 2018 and the finale is only coming out now, so they’ve had a lot of hiding to do. If you think about it, the couples who did stay together… if any, have already celebrated their first anniversaries!

The pod chats went on for a lifetime

While the pod experiment only took place for a few days, each date actually lasted up to 3 or 4 hours. Lauren told Refinery29: “There would be times where we would be talking for three or four hours and we would still keep talking and [a producer] would be like, ‘Okay guys, that’s it. That’s enough time.’ And we’re like, Noooo! Even though it’s been four hours, we need more time!” Most dates lasted about an hour though, which is pretty awkward if you know you’re not interested in the person on the other side. The cast admitted that if they were on a date with someone they didn’t love, they’d just chat about the people they did like to one another.


They didn’t all share a big bedroom like on Love Island 

In many reality shows, the contestants might all pile into a big long bedroom for the duration. But not on Love Is Blind. Instead, they all had trailers, which don’t actually sound too comfy tbh.

“The first four days we filmed on average I’d say 18 to 20 hours,” Kenny told R29. “We slept in trailers and they were correctional facility beds. The design was to just strip us down from our comfort level.”

MORE contestants got engaged 

It’s hard to believe that many couples actually got engaged after chatting with a wall between them for several days. But in actual fact, three more couples actually did! Even the producers were shocked! “They were like, ‘We were expecting one or two [engagements], not eight! We set up to film five!’” says Rory, one of the contestants who got little airtime. He got engaged to Danielle, but then producers basically told him they had too many love stories to showcase. “It was this weird whiplash moment, like ‘What!?’” Rory told Women’s Health. “They just kind of gave us our phones back and said ‘Good luck, thanks for joining us, but we just can’t cover your story.’” No massive harm though, as the couple ultimately didn’t stay together:  “The connection, at least on my side, was very pure and very real. I think it just wasn’t as real for her once she thought more through it.”

They have a groupchat

The show was filmed over a year ago, but it’s safe to say that at least the friendships that were formed are still very much intact. Not only does the cast have a group text, but “we do see each other now and then,” Rory says.


Barnett’s name is not Barnett

Bonus fact for you all… and this may seem v obvious to some of you, but Barnett’s real name is not Barnett at all, it’s Matt! I know, I know, we all have that friend we call by their surname, I have a Fitz and a Duffy, but I did not for one second think that Barnett isn’t his first name. He did even mention this early on, but we weren’t invested at that stage so… Somehow this is one of the most shocking facts of the whole show.


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