Six Movies We’re Excited To See This Summer

Is it time for a cinema subscription?

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The Summer of 2023 is choc-a-block with movie releases – from Barbie to Oppenheimer, there’s a little something for everyone coming out over the next few weeks. So grab your movie buff bestie, decide on salt or butter popcorn, and get settled in for a Summer full of cinema trips.

We’ve rounded up six movies that are coming out this Summer that we can’t wait to see!




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Christopher Nolan is known for his mind-bending, intense blockbusters. This movie captures the life of scientist J. Robert Oppenheimer, who helped to build the atomic bomb during World War II that was dropped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Later, he gained the nickname “father of the atomic bomb.”  It’s gonna be heavy, and action packed! Oppenheimer is out in cinemas on the 21st July.



If you’re looking for a cute animated movie, then Disney and Pixar’s Elemental will fit your bill. In a diverse society where all the elements co-exist, Ember the fire element and Wade the water element form a bond that allows the two to open their eyes to the world they live in. How sweet is that? In cinemas July 7th. 


No Hard Feelings 

Jennifer Lawrence plays an Uber driver, Maddie, who accepts a job posted by a pair of rich parents. In need of money, she takes on the role of dating their introverted son with the goal of breaking him out of his shell. Sounds easy, right? Well, Maddie realises turning an introvert to an extrovert is a lot more complicated. than she imagined. It’s giving 2000’s romcom, and we’re loving it. No Hard Feelings will be out today, June 21st! 


The Perfect Find


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The beautiful and talented Gabrielle Union plays a struggling fashion designer, Jenna, who is on the search for love. However, her heart ends up in the hands of her co-worker who just so happens to be the boss’s son (oops). It’s bound to be adorable. The Perfect Find is out June 23rd!


The Flash 

Much like the TV show, this film tells the story of Barry Allen, played by Ezra Miller, as he tries to alter the past to bring back loved ones. Unfortunately, changing the past also changes the future, and has some serious consequences Barry will soon have to face. Perfect for a date with the superhero lover in your life. The Flash is in cinemas now!




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Last but not least is the iconic Barbie. Barbie is now hitting the theatres in live action with beloved stars Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie (just to name a few). Barbie faces challenges in trying to be “perfect” until she is kicked out of Barbie Land. Now with a new freedom, she is looking for happiness. It’s out 21st July – we’ll see you there!


Words by Alicia Maxwell