Sneaky! Taylor Swift Made One VERY Telling Change When Choosing Her New NYC Apartment

She's set to live there for the next year.

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Over the last three years we’ve become so accustomed to seeing paparazzi pictures of Taylor Swift leaving her New York apartment that it’s as if the building’s front railings are an extension of the singer herself.

Dressed to the nines, a handbag in one hand and a Starbucks cup/cat in the other, there have literally been hundreds of identikit photos of the singer’s comings and goings.

taylor apt 2

Until now, that is. If you love a good Swifty Street Style photo, we have some sad news for you – the singer is making some big changes.

taylor apt1

While Taylor’s apartment undergoes a year’s worth of renovations, the singer is moving into a massive four-floor rental in NYC’s West Village, according to TMZ.

Not only will she be AWOL from her current flat for twelve months, her rental apartment is smartly equipped with a private basement carpark, meaning Taylor can come and go without ever having to place her foot on a Manhattan pavement.

The star’s team were seen loading a truckful of her belongings into the new flat, which comes complete with with a basement, a two-story patio and that oh-so-handy private garage.

Taylor’s paying around $40,000 (€36,000) a month for the apartment, and for that she’ll get the use of five bedrooms, six bathrooms and – wait for it – an INDOOR POOL.

Yup, she’s living the life, that one. The singer’s current apartment has become something of a mecca for tourists in New York, who are happy to pose for selfies outside, regardless of whether the singer is even in the country or not at that time:

Presumably they’ll be all be making their way to the West Village from now on…