So, Ant And Dec Are Related (And Irish)

This is WILD

And and Dec are the double act of our generation. When you think of best pals, those two Geordie lads are one of the first that pop into your head.

We are certain the pair came out of the womb bffs – and now, as it turns out, they are in fact related.

Okay distantly, we admit, but last nights show, Ant & Dec’s DNA Journey, saw the two learn that they share the same Viking warrior bloodline, wild, isn’t it?!

Reading the pairs test results during the show Dec said:

“Ant, we’ve discovered your DNA into the deep past and you carry a unique DNA marker called S660. Dec, we’ve traced your DNA into the deep past, and have discovered you also carry the DNA marker S660.”

Surprised by the news. Dec said: “So we’ve both got the DNA marker S660. OMG, that’s really surprising!”

With Ant adding: “It’s been two years, we started out in Newcastle and here we are now… cousins!”

Giving a little more context to the results, a genealogist explained:

“There’s only one way to share a DNA marker – and that’s because you’re related.”

And, what’s more, the pair are actually both of Irish descent, which I mean, who isn’t, but it’s interesting to consider none the less.

“Recently, a viking age warrior’s Skelton has been dug up in Dublin. He was in his late 20s, and died over 1000 years ago.”

“What’s amazing to me is that when his DNA was analysed, it was shown he carried the S660 marker – the same marker that Ant and Dec carry.”

So, there you have it, our favourite TV duo are both cousins and Irish, bloody brilliant news altogether.