So Big Boo From Orange Is The New Black Had A Secret Cameo In Friends That Nobody Knew About

How did we not notice this before?

Orange Is The New Black

We’ve watched all three seasons twice over and we can barely contain our excitement for season four, which starts on 17th June. (THIS week, you guys!)

But in between cringing at the sex scenes and getting irritated by the show’s main character Piper Chapman, there’s something we missed about Orange Is The New Black; it actually has a link to one of our other series addictions: Friends.

The connection? OITNB’s Big Boo had a cameo on the show which she’s recently described “as the longest working day of my life.”

Big boo, AKA actor Lea DeLaria made a brief appearance in Friends season two, in The One With The Lesbian Wedding. Her scene, which lasted under a minute, sees her approach Phoebe and ask her if she’d like a drink.

Reminiscing on the day at the European press Launch of OITNB, DeLaria told the Telegraph “Of course I remember everything. It was one of the hardest working days of my life because it was the lesbian wedding… There were trailers everywhere, there were hundreds of extras, a lot of standing on your feet.

“By the time we got to [my] scene it was around midnight,” she continues. “It was one of the longest shooting days I’ve ever had.”

“They’d all seen my work and they were all really nice to me. I used to live just down the road from Jennifer Aniston at the time so it wasn’t the first time I’d spoken to her.”

DeLaria also explains how the episode was a big step forward for gay rights.

“It felt very groundbreaking; everybody was talking about it,” she said. “Any jokes that were made were all at the expense of people who thought there was something wrong with being gay… Then just to top it all off they let my character pick Phoebe up at a lesbian wedding. It was awesome. She walks away with me! I got her!”


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