So Cheryl Is About To Change Her Name AGAIN & We Kind Of Like It

What do we think?

Cheryl (as we now know her) has had more name changes than anyone we know, and she might be about to have another one!

The former  X Factor judge  was born Cheryl Tweedy and was first known by this in her early Girls Aloud days, before marrying footballer Ashley Cole and becoming fondly known as Cheryl Cole.

Well that all ended in tears, but the singer kept the name publicly, before marrying her second husband John Bernard Fernandez Versini, making the star Cheryl Fernandez Versini.

Sadly, another divorce meant the beauty decided to ditch last names altogether and has since just been known simply as Cheryl. Still with us?

Now, the mother of one has said she might just change her name one last time, and we kind love the idea.

“Fans call me Chez, I love it!” Cheryl told Metro.

“These days you can call yourself whatever you want. Why can’t I be Chezza?”

“I know I have had 20 other names! But you can evolve. I’m changing again… triple barrel!”

Hmmmm…. are we on board?


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