So Everyone Fell In Love With Galway Lad Corey On First Dates Ireland Last Night

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The second episode of First Dates Ireland aired on RTE2 last night, and after the debacle that was Darryl and Amy last week, we were hoping for a few happy endings.

Things got off to a shaky start when Mark and Gemma realised they had already gone on a date before, many moons ago.

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But later in the episode we met accountancy student Melissa, 20, who just “couldn’t quite figure out the dating scene.”

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She told us that she didn’t like “charmers” or “anyone that’s going to give me chat up lines,” so we knew her date had to be someone special to woo her.

Enter “aspiring entrepreneur” Corey, 24, from Galway, who instantly won us over when he said he thought personality was more important than looks, adding, “a confident girl is my biggest turn on.”

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We were all instantly smitten:

Corey told the camera that he was “old school.” So old school, in fact, that he’d happily open doors for a woman or “help her over a puddle.”

Basically everyone wanted to bring him home to their Mammy…

Although this lad did pinpoint the one thing we couldn’t quite put our finger on.

After the date, Corey told the cameras that he “definitely fancied Melissa” and even – this is the important part – compared her to a Supermacs meal.

Which is a good thing, btw…

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Happily, Melissa seemed as delighted by Corey as we were, and was chuffed when he put her coat on for her.

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Although she admitted on Twitter later that “distance” had kept the pair from planning their second date.

But we’re still holding out hope…