So, Harry Styles Has An American Accent Now

Very cool and normal

Last night was a good evening for singer Harry Styles, as he scooped up the award for Best British Single at this year’s Brit awards.

Totally taken aback by the win, Harry shared a little thank you speech for his friends, family, and fans. As per, it was an excellent outfit choice from the 27-year-old with a monochrome Gucci suit and matching handbag, however, even his loud outfit choices couldn’t distact fans from something.

During his speech, people noticed that Harry had a distinctly American twang to his accent, telling viewers:

“Thank you so much. I continue to be baffled by moments like this, they make me more and more incredibly grateful to get to do this job every day. I’m really happy and proud to be here celebrating British music tonight”

“I want to thank my fans for being so generous to me always, and everybody in my life who always has my back.”

Eyebrows were most certainly raised at the apparently hybrid accent, with some fans taking to Twitter to share their thoughts on the matter.

As fans have pointed out, Harry is originally from Cheshire, with a fairly Northern UK accent. But, maybe we should cut him some slack? Having left his hometown of Holmes Chapel at the tender age of 16 to enter the X-Factor, shooting to stardom and rarely returning back, surely it’s only natural he picks up a bit of an accent?

Oh, and the starring as an American in an American movie probably doesn’t help either, nor the American girlfriend tbf.