So It Turns Out It Was Bono Who Convinced Matt Damon To Give An Exclusive Interview On Spin 1038

Well, there's a headline we never thought we'd write...

We thought things couldn’t get crazier when Matt Damon of all people ended up stuck on our little island during a global pandemic. To be honest, we’ll never forget that photo of good aul’ Matt with his trusty Super Valu bag for life. But now, Matt has got in touch with Dublin’s local radio station Spin 1038, after Bono convinced him to do so.

Spin 1038 was tirelessly attempting to gain an exclusive interview with the American actor, after a few weeks they were about to give up when Matt himself got in contact with them. Matt told the story of how he got in contact with the morning show, Fully Charged. So, let’s picture the scene, shall we?

Matt had heard Fully Charged’s Graham and Nathan on the car radio over a month ago, saying, “I shouldn’t have put you through all this.” He was trying to memorise the radio station’s phone number as they called it out on air, before being distracted by his wife, Luciana Barroso. So he waited patiently to hear the phone number again, saying, “Every time I’ve been in the car, I’ve been listening for the number and it’s never come up again.”


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This Matt Damon story has been a long one. The final chapter ended yesterday. Did we get Matt on the show?

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Luciana then reminded him that he didn’t actually have to wait for the station to call out the number, that he could just look it up himself. “She’s like, ‘You’re such an idiot just like look up their number, you don’t have to wait for them to say it.'” Well, she has a point to be fair.

Matt then also revealed that he was chatting to his current Dalkey neighbour, Bono, who mentioned Fully Charged’s attempts to interview him. “He said to me last week, ‘you know there’s a radio station that’s looking for you.'” He continued, “I was like, ‘I really gotta track those guys down, I gotta call into that show. It’s gone on too long.'”

Matt’s in-depth exclusive interview will air tomorrow, Wednesday 13th May, at 8 am on SPIN 1038’s Fully Charged with Graham and Nathan. And you’ll be delighted to know, that they did in fact ask him what was in the Super Valu bag. Because let’s face it, we’re all itching to know.


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